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Part of a healthy lifestyle, in addition to regular exercise, is a healthy diet. A nutrition and lifestyle analysis will give you insight into your diet and lifestyle. During the coaching afterwards, you will receive practical tips and learn to make improvements. This will make you feel healthier, stronger and more energetic in a short time. You become more aware of what you yourself can contribute to your immune system and energy levels. We give you practical tools to make improvements that are achievable.

Brenda Bas: "Vitality literally means life force, having enough energy to fulfil your plans and experience joy in life."

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How does it work?

The procedure is as follows: after your registration, there is an intake where you digitally answer questions about the 5 areas of vitality: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep and meaning.

Based on the answers you have given, 3 in-depth coach interviews of 30 minutes (mostly online) will follow. During the interview, there will be a listening ear and then personal advice, tips and coaching for improving your nutrition and lifestyle.

Brenda Bas:'As a natural nutritionist and lifestyle coach, my love of growth processes is important and serves to guide people who want to 'grow or change something in their lives'


When is Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching right for me?

If you have a desire for change in one or more of the following areas, a nutrition and lifestyle analysis can help you immensely:

  • You want to have more energy
  • You want to feel strong and be less susceptible to illness
  • You want to feel fitter, more vital and happy
  • You want to be more confident
  • You want to be able to relax more easily
  • You want more work-life balance
  • You want to take responsibility for your health
  • You want a push to start living healthier

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send a message using the form below or call: 06-12041549.