Circuit training and interval training; the key differences


You’ve probably heard it mentioned before. That one motivated colleague or friend who goes all out in a circuit training or HIIT workout. But are you familiar with the key differences? At first glance, they seem similar. Yet there is an important difference in the way they train. Curious to find out what it is and which workout will help you achieve your fitness goals? Then be sure to read on.


Effective and time-saving ways of training

With so many different trends within sports, it's not surprising that there is a lot of confusion about what constitutes interval or circuit training. In addition, people often use the terms interchangeably. Although these training methods are different, there is a similarity. They are both known as an effective and time-saving way of training. Perfect for taking your fitness to a new level. This makes it ideal for people with busy lifestyles, where a healthy lifestyle is important.  

Circuit training; perfect combination of fitness and strength training

Circuit training is a resistance-based way of training. Don’t be alarmed. In circuit training, you don't have to stand in front of a mirror and throw up heavy weights. In this type of workout, you work through different exercises, each targeting a different muscle group. This way, you train your whole body in a short time. An added benefit of training different muscle groups is that it reduces the risk of overexerting yourself.

That's not all. With circuit training, you work on your fitness at the same time. Because you don't get much rest between exercises, your heart rate rises. The fast pace, combined with the different exercises, provides a challenge and makes your workout much more fun and easier to complete. Circuit training is ideal for building muscle mass, decreasing fat mass and improving your metabolism.

Focus on cardio with HIIT training

In contrast to circuit training, interval focuses specifically on improving your fitness. Most know interval from HIIT workouts. It is a cardio workout in which you alternate short but high-intensity activities, such as running, swimming, cycling or rowing, with periods of rest and recovery. This workout suits people who feel more comfortable alternating periods of hard work with moments to take a breather.  

Interval, like circuit training, is effective at burning fat and building endurance. The difference is that with interval, you don't train the different muscle groups, where you actually build more strength and muscle mass.

Discover circuit training

The best way to find out which way of training suits you is to experience it. You are welcome at any of our Circle-Fit locations. Our concept focuses on circuit training because it is a fast and effective way to achieve your fitness goals. All our advanced fitness machines set themselves up automatically based on your body and training level. That way, you'll avoid nasty injuries and always get the most out of every workout. Let's get acquainted!


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