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Download the Circle-Fit app

Want to get more out of your workout? Download the Circle-Fit app. Only Circle-Fit members get access to it. Extra reason to become part of the Circle-Family! At the intake you will receive a personal account. With this you can easily log in, manage your Circle-Fit program and sign up for online workouts. No more reason not to reach your fitness goal.



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Get your results at a glance

You probably already have quite a few apps on your phone. Still, the Circle-Fit app should not be missing from your selection of apps. You can see at a glance what Circle-Fit has to offer. That's easy if you want to reach your fitness goals. You quickly discover a club in your area and what programs they offer. But there is more. Here, too, you have a virtual coach to guide you through your workout. You get the opportunity to rate your training and schedule your next training session. This way you get the most out of your membership.

Log in to Mywellness via Technogym equipment and track your results worldwide. Not only your activity within our club, but also outside. Did you cycle or walk a long way? Then you can track it directly through the Circle-Fit app. Do you use other apps like Google Fit, S-Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, Runkeeper, Strava. Swimtag or Withwings? Then automatically sync this data to your Circle-Fit app.

Why we are fans of the Circle-Fit app

  • Discover the various Circle-Fit services. Choose what interests you the most right away.
  • See at a glance what you have done.
  • Get your training program and discover other activities within the club.
  • View your results and monitor your progress.
  • Train with the Circle-Fit app, collect MOVEs, and become more active every day.

Do you also want the best training experience? Use the Circle-Fit app to log in to equipment via Bluetooth, NFC, or QR code.

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