Get fit in the new year with circuit training


'In January I’ll get started for real.’ Sounds familiar? We are not surprised that for most people, 'getting fit' tops their list of resolutions. Keep reading to find out how (among other things) circuit training helps you get fit in the new year.  


When are you truly fit?

Being fit is about your vitality. So not only eating healthier and exercising more, but also feeling good in your body. Starting and ending a day full of energy. Don't worry. Your New Year's resolution to get fit doesn't mean you should sign up to run a marathon right away. For example, following a low-threshold circuit training session is already a step in the right direction. 

To start the new year right, we look at both physical and mental fitness. It is a state of mind. That is not to say it is the same for everyone. Being fit is no longer just about being muscular and athletic. You want to be energetic and, above all, comfortable in your skin. Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle play an important role in this. A good balance between these three elements will ensure that you face each day full of energy    

3 Tips to start the new year fit

We all want to start each day full of positive energy. The most important thing when setting your resolutions is not to be too hard on yourself. This way, you are more likely to keep it up for longer. 

  1. Get moving with circuit training
    Start with the intention to move more. Circuit training is a low-threshold way to improve fitness and build muscle strength. This is the most effective way of training, which also takes very little time. As you train your whole body with various fitness machines, your workout will be over after only 30 minutes. Perfect to combine with your busy lifestyle. In addition, it's a good way of working out that is easy to keep up. 

  2. Your nutrition in order
    Maybe the most important part of feeling fit. Good and healthy food contributes up to 70% to your results. It varies from person to person which foods suit your metabolism and lifestyle. Get advice from a nutrition expert to receive a customised weekly menu. That way, you will know exactly what to look out for. 

  3. Enough relaxation
    The last tip to get fit into the new year is by scheduling enough moments for relaxation. You probably have a lot on your plate. Freeing up time for your partner, friends, family and, of course, your circuit training. But don't forget the most important thing - making time for relaxation. Taking a moment to unwind. This could be a walk in the woods, meditating before bed or finally listening to that one podcast. What works relaxing for you, you decide. Make sure you are able to take a break from all the hectic activity. 

Discover whether circuit training suits you

Have you got your plan ready for your fit lifestyle? Who knows, circuit training might be the first step towards achieving your fitness goals. The circuit is a new, fast, fun and, above all, super simple way of training. Our machines automatically adjust to your body and fitness level. So you'll always train injury free. Schedule a free trial class and take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. 

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